Personal Training Cards – SET 2 With Bands


This is our set 2 kit! If you're looking for all-over body tone and definition, this workout is for you. Done with a set of variable resistance bands, this workout is easily done at home, even in your bare feet. It's perfect for those days you don't have a lot of time — or you simply don't want to leave the house (or can't).

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Simple: Workout anywhere! Choose from 10 total body or target area workouts, organized by color, or make up your own!
Practical: Low cost, minimal equipment, no fees.
Versatile: Create over a dozen workouts with each set.
Real: Get off your phone and back to your life.
Smart: Made of synthetic material, your cards are sweat-proof, and water and tear resistant.
Encouraging: Each card boasts a fun, encouraging or inspirational message.
Interactive: Use No 2 pencil to track your progress right on the cards!

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