COR44™ Personal Training Cards™ – SET 1


If you want to learn how to strength train and start building your strength, this workout is for you. Designed using simple and effective techniques, this workout is for all ability levels. This strength training set transforms itself into over a dozen workouts that will keep your mind occupied and your body from reaching a plateau. For this strength workout, all you will need is a set (or 2) of dumbbells and either a bench or a step.

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Simple: Workout anywhere! Choose from 10 total body or target area workouts, organized by color, or make up your own!
Practical: Low cost, minimal equipment, no fees.
Versatile: Create over a dozen workouts with each set.
Real: Get off your phone and back to your life.
Smart: Made of synthetic material, your cards are sweat-proof, and water and tear resistant.
Encouraging: Each card boasts a fun, encouraging or inspirational message.
Interactive: Use No 2 pencil to track your progress right on the cards!