Welcome friend! I’m Tammy.

I’m a writer, lawyer, product creator, goal-setter, insatiable reader and relentless God-sized dreamer. I’m also a wife and mama to three boys who light up my life. My mission here at COR44 is to help you find your strength.

I believe whole health is about honoring your whole self: spirit, soul, mind and body. When you tap into one, you realize how interconnected it all is.

It’s also where you find the magic.

Much of my life I’ve been searching for truth. Meaning. For a way to understand the trials and troubles of life and allow them to make me better, stronger, more brave. Ultimately I found freedom in faith, unexpectedly linked to the rhythm of footfalls on pavement.

Over the course of twenty years strength training, running nearly a dozen marathons, triathlons and completing an Ironman, I’ve learned that no matter what my goal is, or what personal struggle is trying to consume me, God will make a way. The truth is, far too often than I want to admit, the one holding me back is me.

Are you holding yourself back too?

My passion is to empower and equip you to find your strength.

Set Big Goals.
Find Your Strength.
Change Your Life.