Find the strength to love your life

Hi! I’m Tammy. I’m a blogger, author, lawyer, product creator, athlete and relentless God-sized dreamer. I’ve taken some crazy wild adventures and navigated at least a dozen major detours, life changing trajectories, stumbles and success. I’m also a wife and mama of three boys who light up my life.

My mission here at COR44 is to help you find your strength.

To me, strength is about your whole being: spirit, soul, mind and body. They’re all linked, and when we begin tapping into one, using it’s incredible power to benefit the other, we realize how interconnected it all is. It’s where we begin to find the magic.

For much of my life I was searching. For truth. Meaning. For a way to understand the trials and troubles of life and allow them to make me better, stronger, more brave. Ultimately I found freedom in faith, unexpectedly linked to the rhythm of footfalls on pavement.

Over the course of almost twenty years, strength training, running nearly a dozen marathons and completing an Ironman, I learned that no matter what my goal is, where I’m headed, or what personal struggle is trying to consume me; somehow, someway, God will make a way. The truth is, far too often than I want to admit, the one holding me back is me.

Are you holding yourself back?

My passion is to empower and equip you to find your strength.

You have a redemption story. You just need to find it.

Set Big Goals.
Find Your Strength.
Change Your Life.


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