COR44™ goes beyond helping transform a woman’s body, we’re about enriching her life.


Our goal is to place fitness within reach of everyone, regardless of knowledge or experience. By aligning exercise within a holistic paradigm, we empower women to take control – minimizing the attention spent on the size or shape of her body, while maximizing the focus on the well being of the soul.


Yes, COR44™ is about elevating strength. And flexibility. And balance. And beauty. Yet, that doesn’t exceed the higher goal of freedom – for mind, body, and spirit. Our training and exercise program is practiced through a core value of inherent worth.

COR44™ is devoid of complicated choreography, typical photography and imagery, or prohibitive costs of entry. We are dedicated to building confidence in real women, and helping them design a life they love. Our means to this end is a regimen that is not daunting, but practical, inspiring, and, of course, effective.


The woman who trains with COR44™ believes she is worthy; knows she has the wherewithal to change from the inside out; and we equip her with the fight, the courage, and the knowledge to do so.


This is an experience that rejuvenates attitudes.

We strive to banish hesitation; we exist to generate drive.

It is exercise that accommodates everyone.

It is an approach that creates opportunity…

…one where mind, body, and soul will flourish.

Here, training aligns with your lifestyle,

…and offers a way to transform to your life.

We create desire where it may be absent.

We deliver inspiration when typical doesn’t cut it.

We are making it fun, and making it work.


Set Big Goals.
Find Your Strength.
Change Your Life.