Products and strategic action plans that build confidence and eliminate uncertainty so you can find your strength and change your life.


COR44™ goes beyond helping transform a woman’s body. We’re about enriching her life. 

COR44™ is about elevating strength. 

And flexibility. And balance. And beauty. Yet, that doesn’t exceed the higher goal of freedom – for mind, body, and spirit. If Covid taught us anything, it’s that we need to be strong. Healthy. Free. Each of these core values start in your body. When you get aligned and oriented for strength physically, it translates to every other part of your life.

MIND. BODY. SPIRIT. SOUL. It just does. Our training and exercise program gives you everything you need to get started right where you are, right now.


You’re a strong, passionate, go-getter at heart but for some reason you’re not going for it. Kids, life, disappointment, uncertainty, fear, shame, self doubt – they’ve got you stuck. 

I have been there sister. But you don’t need to stay there. Sometimes you just need a friend with some new tools to talk it through.

YOU get to write your story. Let’s connect to find out what type of coaching works best for you. My intro to coaching consists of 4 sessions where we will visit the core areas that make up you – mind, body, spirit, soul – find out what’s got you stuck, and create a clear plan to move forward. I also offer more directed coaching, strategic action plans for food and exercise, and also enneagram.

Our Happy Customers.

A personal trainer at a phenominal price! One of my favorite things is you can take notes and track your weights, reps, sets, and/or tabata time right on the cards. With all the workouts, “What do I do next?” doesn’t even cross my mind.

– Jontie M., ID

I appreciate the variety COR44 adds to my workout routine. As a stay-at-home mom, I rotate between the treadmill and workout videos. COR44 adds the dimension of strength training that I was missing. I love how I can track my workout and goals, and the pictures and descriptions are easy to follow. Thanks, COR44!

–Courtney K., MN

I just finished my 4th Total Body Workout and see definition in my arms already!

–Cherie L., IN

I came home from my first workout shaking and looked at my husband and said: “I just kicked my own a**!” It felt really good to know I can do this for myself.

–Megan G., ID

I like how easy it is to mix up the routines using the color-coded dots, and I use the workouts at home and at the gym. The simplicity has helped me stay consistent and I am seeing noticeable changes in my core strength and muscle tone in just two months!

–Lora B., WA

COR44 is a simple gift of freedom from feeling unequipped. Freedom from feeling stuck and uninformed. COR44 brings you to a heart space where the courage to begin a better you is not only accessible, but specifically designed and invigoratingly inspiring too.

– Meghan C., TN

Because working out at home is the most efficient use of my time, I’m committed to finding ways to keep it fun and challenging. COR44 Personal Training Cards are the newest way I have found to do that! The cards are user-friendly, beautiful and durable. The work out combinations are pushing me to new levels of fitness, and I love that I can take them anywhere – traveling for work, to the park, or to my garage. You will love adding these cards to your fitness toolbox!

–Krista G., ID

I’ve been intimidated to start working out since having my last baby, until I discovered the Personal Training Cards from COR44! They are easy to use, but also challenge me and take me to new levels of fitness. I absolutely love that I do not have to leave my living room to accomplish a good workout. This will be my go-to gift for everyone in my life because these cards are for anyone!

–Crystal M., CO

Set Big Goals.
Find Your Strength.
Change Your Life.